Three Days Programs from 23rd to 25th September.

Nepal Pharmaceutical Association, the national umbrella organization of all pharmacy professionals celebrated this year's World Pharmacist Day whose theme is “Pharmacist: caring for you”, on a grand scale by organizing programs on three consecutive days (from 23rd to 25th September).A workshop involving a total of about 65 participants titled “Management of medication error” was organized on the first day (23rd September) in coordination with Healthy life foundation Nepal at Indredni Complex , New Baneswor. The program brought together participants from various hospital and community pharmacies with resources people such as Dr. Anjan Rijal, vice principal Nepal Medical College, Prof. Dr. Neelam Adhikari, Consultant paedritic, Dr. Rajani Shakya , Asst. professor KU and Mr Gajendra Bahadur Bhuju, former Director General of DDA to explore various aspect of medication error and its prevention methods. The practical workshop session, involved using computer software to see how beneficial would the participants feel in managing medication errors using new technology.
An international seminar titled “Analytical Method Development and Method Validation” was conducted at Hotel Himalaya, Kupondole on the second day viz. 24th September. A total of 110 participants from almost all domestic pharmaceutical industries woking in Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Research and Development section and officers and administrators from Department of Drug Administration (DDA) and National Medicine Laboratory (NML) were present. The chief speakers were, Dr. Puran Lal Sahu, principal scientist and R&D head of Indian Pharmacopeia Commission and Mr Kapil Bhargava former Deputy Drug Controller, CDSCO, India. The speakers presented respectively on analytical method development and method validation, regulatory affairs scope and process of registration of foreign medicines in India and regulatory process for analytical method approval for new products at DDA/NML.
The program was concluded on 25th September, which is celebrated by pharmacist around the globe as 'World pharmacists day'. It was celebrated by organizing mass rallies in many major cities of Nepal like Kathmandu, Butwal, Dharan etc in the morning. In Kathmandu the rally progressed from DDA, Bijulibazar moving to Maitighar Mandala and concluding back at DDA. Many dignitaries of the pharmacy profession shared their ideas to the masses after the rally was brought to a stop. The rally was jointly organized by the main pharmacy related associations of the nation viz: Nepal Pharmaceutical Association (NPA) along with others such as GPAN, PHAN, HOSPAN, YPG. The celebration was finally concluded, in the form of an interaction program in the afternoon which was aptly tiltled “ Interaction Program on Current and future Issues of Pharmaceutical sector”. The speakers included such Mr Narayan Prasad Dhakal, Director general of Department of drug administration, Mrs Vabha Ranjbhandari, acting chief of National medicine laboratory, Mr. Jyoti Baniya, president of Forum for Protection of Consumer Rights, Mr Baburam Humagain, president Nepal Pharmacy Council, etc who gave their views regarding the various aspect of pharmaceutical sectors. Mr.Asfak Sheakh was also awarded with lifetime achievement certificate by the associations for his persistent role and decades worth of service and contribution in shaping of the pharmaceutical sector to the present form.

Day 1: 23rd September, Workshop on "Management of Medication Errors", at Indreni Complex  

Day 2: 24th September, International Seminar on "Analytical Method Development and Method Validation", Hotel Himalaya

Day 3: 25th September, Mass rally program at DDA in the morning on the occasion of World Pharmacists Day, themed Pharmacists: caring for you

Day 3: 25th September, Felicitating Dr. Asfak Sheakh with lifetime award in interaction program in the afternoon.