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One day workshop organized by Clinical & Research Committee, NPA
One day workshop organized by Clinical & Research Committee, NPA
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Nepal Pharmaceutical Association
Nepal Pharmaceutical Association (NPA) is a professional organization of individuals working in the pharmaceutical sector and was established in the year 1972 A.D (2028). This organization was established with an aim to achieve professional growth, establish greater collaboration among health care providers and improve patient’s health-related outcome in Nepal. NPA’s foundation was laid by Dr. Purosattam Narayan Suwal, the first president with 27 members which in its 45 years’ journey has grown with more than 1000 members in its canopy. As any other organization, NPA carry with it a long history of struggle to achieve its professional right. But, amid such difficult situation, NPA have thrived continuously. One of its major achievement was the establishment of Nepal Pharmacy Council in the year 2000 A.D. (2058 B.S), a professional organization working in area of academics in coordination with NPA to improve quality of pharmacy education in Nepal. Quality of pharmacy service in academic, professional, product and manufacturing quality has always been the major priority area for NPA and strongly believes that general population should get these services at the most affordable price. With the aim to improve the quality of medicine manufactured by the Nepalese Pharmaceutical industries, NPA continuously work in the manufacturing sector to provide technical support; training and seminar on GMP to the employee. NPA is also regular to organize scientific sessions to provide with up-to-date information in the field. At present context hospital pharmacy in the government hospitals are being developed and further recent graduate pharmacists are more attracted towards community pharmacy role. And our organization is focused to groom the hospital and community pharmacist for their sustainability. NPA is associated with International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and SEARPharma Forum as an organizational member. As a member NPA represents the pharmacists apex body Nepal Pharmacy Council and other health professionals in Nepal Health Professional Council. It also provides technical suggestions to the government on pharmaceutical sector through Drug Advisory Committee.   NPA History Welcome to Nepal Pharmaceutical Association (NPA) The history of Nepal Pharmaceutical Association (NPA) goes back to 1972 A.D. (2028 BS) when it was initiated in a small room of Banaspati Bibhag by a group of peopl e involved with pharmaceutical and medicinal plants.A five member ad hoc committee was formed to proceed with the formation of the association with a total of 27 members, including 14 pharmacists, under the presidency of Dr Purosattam Narayan Suwal. In its glorious 41 years, NPA has organized several programs and has been actively involved in almost all the programs held with the objective of development of this sector. One of the significant achievements of NPA has been the formation of Nepal Pharmacy Council in 2000 A.D. (2058 BS), which gave a distinct recognition to the pharmacy profession. With its proud history, NPA has now more than 800 members from different fields of pharmaceuticals and medicinal plants. To expand the activities in different part of the country, NPA has formed two chapters (Kaski and Lumbini).
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Lalit Mohan Pant
Nepal Pharmaceutical Association (NPA) is the oldest premier association of pharmaceutical professionals in Nepal, with a member base of over 1300, all around the nation. The members represent various facets of pharmaceutical profession viz., industry, regulatory, community and hospital pharmacy practices, academicians, botanists, microbiologists and chemists. As a member of the Nepal Pharmacy Council, Nepal Health Professional Council and Drug Advisory Committee of Nepal, NPA is actively involved in advising the council as well as government with the current needs of Pharmacy education in the country to improve the professional importance of pharmacists and other technical and policy level matters associated with the profession of pharmacy and pharmaceuticals. The involvement in professional activities include, organizing training programmes for professionals from industry, academics, regulatory, community and practice. NPA makes representations to the authorities on matters of professional interest and works constantly towards upgrading the standards of pharmacy professional services offered by the pharmacists. NPA’s major objective is to position pharmacists as one of the important healthcare providers in our country.
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